WTTG Portfolio and Resume

My resume reel from KBYU Eleven News 1/2014-4/2014.



Below are links to stories that I helped with on my internship. These are just a sampling of the many different assignments that I was able to help with.


Stories where I assisted and collected information.

VA Secretary in D.C. Hospital LINK

Chris Brown in D.C. Court LINK

Corner Grocery Beating LINK

Flood in Berwyn Heights LINK



Stories where I did the interviews and helped put together the package.

Man Set on Fire LINK

Uber Ordered to Leave Virginia LINK

Teacher Arrested LINK


I had the opportunity to help on a PSA for the station, and while it hasn’t aired yet, there was a short story done with the same material. I interviewed and gathered information for the story.

Children’s National PSA and Package LINK


While I was in Washington, D.C., the Silver Line on the Metro opened. In the weeks before the opening of the line, there were conference calls every Monday. I listened to all of those calls and took notes that were then the basis of reporters stories. This is one example of a Silver Line story.

Silver Line Conference Calls LINK



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