What is journalism?

Throughout this semester we have talked several times about who a journalist really is. At the start of the semester I thought a journalist was mainly a person who worked for their career as a journalist, for a newspaper or news station. It never occurred to me that anyone could be a journalist. Citizen journalists can create some of the most powerful products.

The video we watched in class last week was a perfect example of citizen journalism. We would not have video record of some of those events if people had not felt responsible for documenting what happened. This makes them journalists. Journalists must have a desire to know what is happening in the world. They must be able to deliver news and information without distorting it or swaying the audiences opinion. I think the job of a journalist is critical to the our society. Every person has the potential to be a journalist. We have a responsibility to inform the public on what is happening in the world. Most of the time this responsibility is filled by professional journalists, but sometimes average members of society come forward and fill the roll of journalist. A journalist should be curious, even questioning. Anyone who has these traits can be a journalist.

This semester has taught me so much about journalism. I have been inspired by the other students to be the best journalist I can possibly be.  I cannot wait to go out and be a journalist.

morgan miller

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