Journalism: Engagement and Relevance: Group 12

Journalism is storytelling with a purpose.

It is difficult to be both engaging and relevant. There are many different things that make it hard to display both traits in a news story. Haste is one of the most common setbacks in writing in my opinion. We are so rushed to get things done that we never stop and put thought into our writing. If we took only a few more minutes and worked to make our stories more engaging and relevant, then I believe that we would be so much better off as journalists.

This link connects to a study done on journalists in the UK. The infographic in the article is a great way to look at journalism and to find out what is effective when writing an article. Using the different ways mentioned in the article to write stories will help to make the end result more engaging and relevant to our viewers or readers.

The main thing that I liked about this link was the title. Engaging journalism should bring color to facts and I think that is a perfect way of putting it. That describes how we should be looking at our journalism. This quote from the article was phrased perfectly. “Journalism does not have to be dry thanks to engaging journalistic techniques, but it does still have to offer only the concrete facts.” We need to offer engaging journalism, but in creating that engaging element we still need to stick to the facts.

This video was very informative. It teaches us how to create a worthwhile multimedia story that is still journalistic, but has engaging elements. The story is reaching out to a wide audience by using a role model that everyone knows and most people can relate to in some way. This example was great, and as journalists we need to strive to create work like this.

morgan miller

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