Journalism as a Public Forum: Group 9

The sixth principle of the press, “as essential obligation of the cart, second only to telling the truth.” 

Journalism is a public forum. We as journalists must provide a place for public criticism and compromise. When creating that forum we need to make sure that we are providing a completely impartial, outsiders view on the story. If we insert our opinion then we are swaying the viewers or readers into thinking the way we want them to. That is bad journalism, but unfortunately that is becoming common in news today.

This link talks about if it is appropriate or not to show emotion as a journalist. I like the quote at the end of the article that says “if somebody cries, you cry too.” This statement is so true, and it relates to the topic of providing a forum. If we are crying while telling the news, is that convincing someone how to think? I believe it is, but there are special occasions where it is understandable, like the example in the link.

I like the questions that are asked in this article. Here are some of the more important ones that I believe we need to ask ourselves…

“Should reporters be investigators of system failure or initiators of solutions? Should journalists be detached observers or activist participants? Should newspapers be independent watch dogs or convenors of public forums?”

I think there is a time and a place for each of these to take place, but this brings up and important discussion on where we as journalists stand. We are mediators, but even within that roll as mediator there are different places we can stand. We are the voice to the people, and it is our responsibility to have a “balanced media diet” and report on every aspect of the news.

morgan miller

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