Journalism and Faith: Group 10

It is difficult to mix journalism and religion. They are dependent on completely opposite ideals, but some journalists are able to overcome this and deliver unbiased journalism. “Religion depends on faith, and journalism demands proof.” This quote by Jim Robertson perfectly defines why it is nearly impossible to mix the two.

This link is a video that talks about how the New York Times is biased towards different religions. Whether or not this is true is debatable, but the woman brings up a good point in this video. If the newspaper is going to print a story about one religion, then they should not deny another religion from printing a story. I think that faith in journalism requires the journalist to be completely equal in what they choose to print. This is the reason why there is ongoing tension between journalism and faith. 

All news is religious news, and everyone can relate to religion. It is the most universal topic that applies to everyone.

This article by the Deseret News talks about why journalists don’t cover religious stories very often and what happens when they do. 

It is possible to combine the two and end with a wonderfully written story that is not biased towards one religion or another. 

morgan miller

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