Watchdog Journalism: Group 7

Watchdog journalism is making the affairs of the powerful intuitions more transparent to the public. 

I think this is a perfect definition of watchdog journalism. Watchdog journalism is basically investigative reporting. There are three different types of investigative reporting that group 7 talked about.

Original investigative reporting: this is basically uncovering new information to tell the public. Here is an example of this term…

This site is dedicated to telling citizens of Texas about new information that they uncover. This article was released because the information inside of it would effect the publics lives. That is a main reason why investigative reports are brought to the publics attention. 

Interpretive investigative reporting: this type of reporting uses old information or information found by another source to put together a new story. Here is an example of this type of reporting…

The investigative reporter in this clip is adding new insights to old information. The chaos in Greece was not new information that he was investigating, it was old news that he was adding onto. He was providing the public with a deeper understanding of the topic. 

Reporting on investigating: this final type of investigative reporting is the most confusing to understand. It is investigating an official investigation that is already underway yourself. It often comes about because of a leak of information. An example of this would be difficult to find, but here is a link to an interesting story about investigative reporting done by PBS.

Watchdog journalism is a dying trade, and we, as the next generation of journalists, need to help to revive it. Investigative journalism brings something different to journalism that cannot be acquired anywhere else. It is often the type of journalism that brings public attention. Watergate is the most successful and famous example of investigative reporting. This scandal helped journalism gain appeal from celebrities and the public. The press is the fifth estate, and investigative reporting is the center of that fifth estate. 

morgan miller 

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