Ethics in Journalism: Group 8

Journalists must have ethics. A newspaper or news station full of journalist with no ethics would be a disaster. This link shows a controversial shot that FOX aired on their station following the death of a popular supermodel.

Is this ethical to put on national news? In my opinion it is not ethical at all to post a shot like this that shows a woman dead. If I had the choice to air this or not, I would without a doubt choose to not put this shot on the news. It is disrespectful to show a picture of a woman laying like this.

This link has a timeline of different events in journalism that were considered controversial because they were crossing the line. Some of the examples in this article are considered unethical because they violated others rights, or just because the author did not have credible sources.

Credibility as a journalist is extremely important. It is our responsibility to build up our credibility as a reporter so that we can reach a broader audience and do more journalistic work.

The man in this video is bringing up a good point about journalism. He thinks that we are giving up our credibility as reporters so that we can be the first one to report the news. Fact checking is imperative to do before a story is released. Being the first station to cover a story is important, but how much more important is it to be the first station to report the correct information. I think that fact checking is one of the most important parts of journalism. 

Ethics is something that every journalist must understand to be successful in the industry. Fact checking and privacy are among the most important concepts to understand within journalism. 

morgan miller


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