Journalist as Ideologue: Group 6

I think that journalists need to show passion when they are reporting. If there was no passion in journalism, then how many people would continue to watch the news? I think the results would be dramatic.

In this article a professor of journalism at Harvard is talking about how we often think that there is a pattern for journalism. We, as journalism students, think that there is no way to be an original, exciting journalist. I agree with the professor here that we are the future of journalism. It is up to us to show passion in our journalism and show that it is possible for news writing to be exciting and different.

In this video Campbell Brown starts crying after she hears about a little girl who died in the earthquake in Haiti. I think that she did an amazing job on this story and the way she showed emotion only added to her story and made her seem like a real human being. So if according to some people, showing emotion in journalism is not proper and okay, then they are saying that her story here is not good journalism. I think that emotion in journalism can add to the story and can make us believe the story even more.

This link has 8 keys to success. I think that these eight keys to success apply perfectly to journalism and any career really. What I think is interesting is that the first key is passion. We need passion in our journalism today and we need to show that we care about the story that we are reporting about. I think that as journalism students it is our responsibility to create a new standard of news reporting, and I think that this new standard should have passion in journalism as its first goal.

morgan miller

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