Independence from Faction: Group 5

As journalists, we must stay independent from any other faction. We must stay independent in mind, externalities, and in practice. I do not think that this means that we need to watch from afar and watch the news happen just to keep a completely neutral view. This link talks about what it really means to be independent from a faction.

He talks about opinion journalism in the article, which I think is a very controversial subject. Some people do not even consider editorialists to be true journalists because they are inserting their opinion into the article. They are journalists though and they too must take care that they do not support or endorse a certain political faction or group.

This link talks about how journalists who criticize a certain group or faction, are often thought to be working for the opposite group. In less civilized countries they are sometimes killed under this assumption. The linked article above says this about the issue,

“Journalists who criticise a politician, faction or security official are often perceived by one side as working for a rival faction. Several journalists who work for the Palestinian Broadcasting Corporation and the WAFA Palestine News Agency were attacked last year by Hamas supporters, who accused the news organisations of being mouthpieces for Fatah.”

I think that this is a perfect example of factions. It is not know whether or not the journalist was actually working for the opposite group, but they were not being independent from factions either way. The public does not know if we as journalists actually have ties to factions, they just notice if it appears that we do. As journalists we need to completely remove ourselves from any ties to factions and we need to work towards creating dedicated, interesting news.

This clip from the book ties everything together and really explains what the issue is.

morgan miller

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