Luis Horacio Najera: Extra Credit

This link is just a background on the speaker that I found to be interesting. I loved listening to him speak about his home country and about the journalism he did in Mexico. He didn’t talk about journalism as much as I would have liked him to, but this video gives a little more background on his journalism in Mexico.

Luis Najera shared many interesting stories and experiences while he was doing journalism in Mexico. He risked his life for the sake of journalism many times. I think it is amazing that he was so dedicated to journalism that he was willing to give up his life for it. He thought that bringing to light the drug problem in Mexico was so important that it was worth his life. I hope that one day I can be that passionate about journalism.

Luis was using his journalism skills for a good cause. He was trying to fix an obvious issue in his country, and he ended up being threatened for that. I loved that he used his position as a journalist to talk about a specific issue. Luis is a great example of what kind of journalist I hopefully will become and I love that I had an opportunity to hear him speak.

morgan miller

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