Journalism of Verification: Group 4

This clip starts off the first thing I want to discuss. Has social media pushed transparency and made it acceptable to either not be transparent at all or to be too transparent? I think that in social media we are not as transparent as we should be. When posting on blogs or other social sites, we often do not disclose sources or where we got the information from. I think that this has made it easier for journalists to not be transparent.

I also believe that on social medias we gain a sense of invincibility. We are a different version of ourselves in a way, so we often do things that we would not do in print. Journalists could possibly not feel an obligation to disclose sources because they are on social medias so it is not really themselves.

This site just talks about how social media has changed journalism. They give many different ways in this article and I thought they were all very valid points.

This next link is an interview with a man who introduced a site where readers can check journalists sources. This site combined with social media sites can help transparency to still be apparent in our news today. I think that transparency is essential in news writing and social media sites, along with other sites like the one mentioned above, are the future of news writing. There are consequences to not being transparent in news writing, and I believe that those consequences could also change along with news writing in general.

morgan miller

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