Truth: Group 1

Journalism’s first obligation is to the truth.

This is the basis to the second chapter in our reading. To demonstrate this principle of journalism, I have added a couple videos of journalists doing the opposite… either stretching the truth or just telling a lie completely.

In this clip Sean Hannity confesses that the video used in a story that covered a current rally at Capitol Hill, was from a different event. This could have potentially been an accident like Hannity said it was in the clip, but it also could have been an example of journalists stretching the truth to better fit their side of the story. That seems like a pretty difficult mistake to make in my opinion…
I am pretty sure that in this clip the reporter is trying to do something original and funny, but it really isn’t working. She is rowing around in a canoe in water that is only a few inches deep. I don’t believe that she was purposefully deceiving the audience, but she did. She was not showing an accurate account of what was really going on.
Are these videos showing reporters putting their obligations somewhere besides the truth? Is there a secret agenda behind Sean Hannity and his team that would cause them to exaggerate the attendance at the rally?
I guess the main question that must be asked is where is the line between truth and lies drawn? When does exaggeration turn into lying?
There are many questions behind this topic that I don’t believe have clear answers. What truth is can be determined by each individual. It is not a universal term.
I am going to leave you with this one last video that somewhat accurately describes television today…
morgan miller
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