In the first day of this introduction to journalism class we were given the assignment to create and update a blog. The first entry we are submitting requires us to blog about what journalism is and who a journalist is. I am hoping that after this class is over I will be able to come up with a better answers to these questions, but this is what I know as of right now…

What is journalism?

Journalism is a type of writing that deals with strictly information. It is delivering the news in a way that includes the facts without any of your own opinion. It is writing to satisfy a need in the world for reliable information. I believe that journalism is one of the hardest forms of writing to be successful at. Journalism is writing for the needs of our society.

Who is a journalist?

A journalist is a person who creates the news. They are required to hold back on their own feelings and opinions and write an article that is completely fact based. A journalist has a very hard job. The writing that journalists do can either be placed in a print format or it can be a news broadcast.

That is what I think of journalism as being! Hopefully throughout this semester I can attain a better knowledge of what journalism truly is.

morgan miller

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